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Architectural Inspiration is a monthly collection of what we see as some of the world’s most innovative and awe inspiring projects in the residential architecture field. Contact us or comment below with any work you think should be featured. 

The Amphibious House

The Amphibious House by Baca Architects is built on an island in the River Thames. To cope with the flood prone location, the home can actually float. A light wood structure that allows water to flow underneath the home provides comfort in the most precarious of conditions.



The Tree House

Ian-McChesney-The-Tree-House-1 (1)

The Tree House by architect Ian McChesney is made up of black opaque glass, designed to reflect the beauty of the home’s surroundings. Located just outside London in the Sydenham Park Conservation area, the homes prevalent glazing lets in plentiful light while providing scenic views of the forrest.

The Paradox House

54347b3cc07a80110e00001a_paradox-house-klab-architecture__dsc3853 (1)

The Paradox House by Klab Architecture, in Peania, Greece utilizes an angular facade that works to maximize the amount of sunlight from the East, while protecting the residence from northerly winds to limit energy costs through passive home concepts. The architects described the home as, “a fight between lightness, void, transparency and volume.”

54347b15c07a8009ad000016_paradox-house-klab-architecture__dsc3771-790x1000 (1)

The S House

The S House by Tokyo based architect Yuusuke Karasawa replaces hallways with stairways in this 2 story, 5 split level design that climbs its way through over a dozen wall-less rooms. Karasawa sees the home acting as a reflection of the information age where diversity and order are commonly demanded simultaneously.


The Ledge House

The Ledge House in Brenna, Poland capitalizes on and even improves the scenic views with an innovative design built to follow the contour of the land and maximize lines of sight. This modern version of a traditional mountain side cottage by Zalewski Architecture Group was built for two families, with separate wings for added privacy

The Home of Silvia Poloto



Local artist Silvia Poloto had dreamed of her large San Francicso warehouse style home for years, and now it’s a reality. The India Basin residence was designed by the artist herself, reflecting her eclectic and creative style.


The Montfort Residence

The Montfort Residence is a model for French designer Phillipe Stark’s second prefabricated housing collection. The project was created as a cooperative effort between Rico and Stark called PATH, Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes. In addition to a fashionably prefab building with a living roof, the glazed, wooden and aluminum home is actually somewhat of a small power plant, creating 50% more energy than its estimated consumption.


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