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Architectural Inspiration is a monthly collection of what we see as some of the world’s most innovative and awe inspiring projects in the architecture field. Contact us or comment below with any new work you think should be featured. 

Architecture for Humanity Announces Completion of Haiti Initiatives

Beginning in 2010, Architecture for Humanity set up their offices in Port-au-prince, Haiti to begin rebuilding the country after the devastating earthquake earlier that year. Over the course of 5 years over 50 projects were built, bringing a whole new meaning to this series of inspirational architecture.


First Look at the Lucas Museum

After a rough relationship with the city of San Francisco in regards to building his museum, the first renders were released showing what Chicago’s George Lucas Museum may look like.

The Medallion Project

Webb & Brown-Neaves present the Medallion Project in Australia near Perth. The design blends numerous building materials providing interesting contrasts within the homes rectangular shape, while plentiful balconies and outdoor spaces work to blend the exterior and interior areas.

Ballard Aperture Townhomes

The Ballard Aperture Townhomes by First Lamp Architecture and Construction present a space that is distinctively urban, while creating a barrier between the residents, and the bustle of the city. When explaining the design, First Lamp said, “We depend on our homes to balance our life against the outside world. When we arrive home, we need a filter – a place that welcomes us while holding at bay the chaos of the world behind us.”


The 5M complex

Created by Kohn Pedersen Fox, the new 5M Complex will frame the San Francisco Chronicle Headquarters, and add a plaza to the previously underutilized areas of Minna and Mary Streets. These renders include a pair of towers, one of which would be residential and one used for office space.

Mont-Tremblant National Park Visitor’s Center

Smith Vigeant Architects designed a visitors center that elegantly blends into the surrounding forest. To accomplish this timber with natural finishes were used that contain similar hues to the surrounding forest, while mirrors were employed to reflect the environment onto the building.

Seoul City Hall

The world’s largest green wall was built in the Seoul City Hall, demonstrating just how much can be done with wall and rooftop gardens. With over 17,000 square feet of foliage adorning the walls, this arboreal design also functions as an air filter and humidity regulator for the building.

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