Posted on Nov 25, 2014 in #ByDesign

#ByDesign: High End Coffee and Audio, a Compelling Combination

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Description from the WNKSHP Kickstarter page

Our name, WNKSHP, embodies our design aesthetic. We try to ensure there is a special detail in every product we design that you might not notice at first. We like to think of it as a wink or a shared secret.

Sam and Nisha met in architecture school at the University of Michigan. We sat next to each other in our first studio class and have been collaborating ever since. We founded WNKSHP (pronounced ‘wink shop’) as a workshop for using new technologies and experimenting with playful construction techniques. We always knew we would develop a product and furniture line, and The Bump Shelf is the first step towards pursuing that dream.

Upcoming videos will feature:

This is the first in our 4 part video series called By Design created to highlight how design is being furthered in numerous ways and through a variety of mediums in San Francisco.