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If you’re looking for inspiration that won’t be out of style next season, take a look through these up and coming trends for a bit of direction for your design.
interiordesigntrends 2014 metal

Metallic Trends

This year’s trends include metal being used extensively in the home. However, rather than an emphasis on appliances, this metallic trend is taking on the form of metal back splashes, brass pieces in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as metallic accessories throughout the rest of the home. You will need to be careful since there is a fine line between tacky and timeless and you do not want to cross it.

dawsonandclinton design trends 2014 blackandwhite

Dark Saturated Hues

This color trend is all about out with the beige and grey and in with dark statement colors. Colors such as Navy, and especially Black, are becoming more prominent in homes for their edginess. Be on the lookout for a Black and White color scheme since this classic scheme is going to be used to give humdrum living spaces a glamorous tinge.

dawson and clinton design trends 2014 fabric pattern

Luxurious Fabrics

Fabrics with a luxurious feel are making a comeback. Hair on Hide, Corduroy, Velvet, and Suede are not only durable but add a level of sophistication to the dark colors trending this year. With these fabrics and textures coming in, it signals the end of the cotton and linen era.

dawsonandclinton design trends 2014 light wood

Lighter colored wood

Honey tones in wood are also coming back after many years of dark woods, such as mahogany, saturating the market. This movement not only brings a fresh look, but an elegant one as well if done right. The light tone wood trend seems to be taking hold and growing, so it may be best to invest in high quality wood for the years to come.

dawson and clinton design trends 2014 color

Eclectic pattern mix

The braver people become with their style choices, the bigger the impact. This year is all about letting go of matchy-matchy and embracing the collaboration of different patterns and looks. Consumers will strive to be more unique and individualistic with their interior styles.

dawson and clinton interior design trends 2014 indoor outdoor

Indoor/Outdoor blurred lines

In 2014, the idea that there is a separation between an indoor look and an outdoor look is becoming obsolete. With a blending of outdoor and indoor elements, designers are creating a look that is easily transferrable from indoors to outside.

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