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With the work week behind you, it’s time for some R & R. Spend your weekend relaxing. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in to read this collection of our favorite new articles from around the world. 

Architect’s Dream Of Levitating Houses Turns Into A Hoverboard


Architects create the world’s first hoverboard with technology that they’re hoping to use in making buildings that can levitate, to ride out even the strongest of earthquakes. Created by Hendo, the group’s Kickstarter is already well beyond their goal and the company is promising some surprising news soon.

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Project Greggory, turning billboards into homeless shelters



Project Gregory is a Kickstarter campaign to curb homelessness: Through transforming old, and building new roadside billboards that create a one person residence out of previously wasted interior space, the program looks to provide cost efficient housing for the less fortunate, while reinvesting advertising revenue to help fund the program.

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“No More Weird Architecture” says Chinese President

Following the recent development boom in China that created buildings such as  the Rem Koolhaas-designed CCTV headquarters in Beijing and the Guangzhou Circle, that have been referred to as the Rem Pants, and a giant doughnut,  President Xi calls for the end of weird architecture.

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Grand Opening of Sky SOHO by Zaha Hadid

The latest building by Hadid opens to an audience of over 10,000 looking on to admire the innovative structure. The complex is the architect’s first in Shanghai, and it is comprised of 12 separate buildings, linked by 16 sky bridges with a total GFA of 350,000 square meters.

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Cubic Rubber Bands by Nendo

 Sometimes a simple change to an old design can make a big impact. When Nendo looked to redesign the rubber band, their cubic design did just that. The shape eliminates the possibility of the bands being tangled, and the design is also easier on your documents, as creases and marks on the documents are limited by spreading the pressure out over a larger area.

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The Haas Brothers Show Daring Furniture at R & Company

The new bench aptly titled “Hairy J Blige”  is a part of the daring new series by the innovative Haas Bros. The “Beast” collection features sheep skin and metallic clad feet that contribute to creating the unique furniture set.

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Berlin ‘Wall of Lights’ Marks 25 Years Since the Wall Came Down


To celebrate 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, more than 8,000 lights were placed along the wall’s previous route, looking to create an aesthetically pleasing reminder of how the city was once divided.

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Founded in the 70s, The Twentieth Century Society vowed to protect 20th century buildings from 1914 onwards. To celebrate 100 years of preserved architecture, they’ve picked their favorite building from every year, compiling them into one amazing collection.

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See The Most Over Budget Projects of All Time Ranked in this Infographic

If you thought some of your projects went a bit over budget, this will help calm your nerves. With record breaking budgets running 2,000% over, it could certainly be a lot worse.

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Steel from San Francisco’s Old Bay Bridge to be Recycled Into Public Art

The California Transportation Department has approved a plan to make roughly $2.2 million in salvaged steel from dismantling the old Bay Bridge available to artists with interesting projects. The proposal process will begin early next year.

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