Should you choose to hire your own design build firm, our in-house architectural support team is available to work closely with your architect to streamline the process. However, we have developed strong relationships with leading Bay Area architects and, upon request, will recommend the right firm based on your needs.

Our skilled team is also on hand to draft new or enhance existing plans. We specialize in contemporary and traditional styles but are experienced in designing spaces that suit our clients tastes and needs. Our architectural support team works closely with construction teams in the field to ensure the highest quality of work.


The preconstruction phase involves site evaluation, logistics, estimating, scheduling, and value engineering. Up front planning is critical to the success of a project. 

Successful planning in the preconstruction phase ensures a cost effective venture while minimizing delays and ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. Once your plans are finalized and ready for construction, we will estimate a budget, line-up all sub-contractors and vendors, as well as set a timeline for your project. In addition, we will handle all interactions with local building officials, a pivotal step for expediting the planning and permitting phases.


Working together with a highly qualified group of sub-contractors and vendors, our crew of construction professionals are well equipped to provide the utmost level of quality assurance. The project manager assigned to your job will work to streamline your project, while meeting with you on a regular basis to review your timeline and budget. They also oversee the site crew, manage all sub-contractors, participate in all inspections, and are readily available for any issues that may arise. 

As a part of our design build construction services program, we provide onsite supervision and strictly adhere to all safety guidelines. A Passion for building, and the pride we take in our work pushes us to provide a professional and efficient experience throughout the scope of our projects.


From the materials and appliances you choose to the design of the home itself, building with the environment in mind requires experience and a deep understanding of the green building movement. To build the most environmentally friendly homes possible we constantly educate ourselves on the latest trends to ensure we are using the most innovative of techniques. In an ongoing effort to provide sustainable construction services that result in environmentally efficient buildings, we are dedicated to incorporating green technologies and design elements into all of our projects. 

As a part of our commitment to the environment, we are LEED accredited as well as members of both the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Build It Green.