DEBBIE - Montclair Village, CA
My priority was to find a company that would work with my ideas and take it to the next level of detail and execution. Dawson & Clinton were able to do just that. They were very meticulous, and I found that we had the same mindset when talking through how to work out a design, which helped make the remodeling process much easier. They also have the contemporary design sense that fit the architectural, modern environment I was trying to achieve. I couldn’t have asked for a more considerate, respectful, and reliable team than Tim, Paul and their crew. Thank you!
LORRY & KAREN - Oakland, CA
We were faced with the worst possible home remodeling scenario, an unanticipated and unintended kitchen remodel. Once we decided upon a Bulthaup Kitchen and their recommended installers, we began an adventure that was very rewarding. As difficult as a home remodel project can be Tim Clinton and Paul Dawson were the most professional contractors we have worked with. They gave detailed estimates and were prompt and courteous during their work with us. In addition, their subcontractors were also skilled workers. Most of all they were just wonderful to have work on this project. They possess tremendous insight in both design and construction. This is reflected in the quality of workmanship throughout our new kitchen.
ALICE & JAKE - Mill Valley, CA
Having a young child and remodeling our kitchen could have been a nightmare. Dawson & Clinton made it a dream come true.
ANDREW & KARYN - San Francisco
From initial design, through project completion, and beyond, Dawson & Clinton met all of our needs.
BRIAN & JEFF - San Franscisco, CA
The very idea of remodeling generally sends shivers down most peoples spines, of both the good kind as well as the bad. I can honestly say that working with Dawson & Clinton resulted only in shivers of the good kind. We always felt a sense of partnership and collaboration on the project. As a result there were no big surprises and when issues did come up, as they will with any project of this nature, we resolved them together. Their workmanship and attention to detail is fantastic. We love the work and truly enjoyed working with Dawson & Clinton. They are reliable, skilled, and professional in every way. We couldn't have been happier with the experience.
BUDI - San Francisco, CA
On time and on budget, what more could we ask for? For our project, Dawson & Clinton were a perfect fit.
DAN & HANNAH - San Francisco, CA
Dawson & Clinton have always come through for me.